Cragside Reading HQ are proud to introduce the …


Simply choosing a book from Cragside Reading HQ is no more!! Our Librarians have selected 12 very special books across all genres to become the Golden Ticket books!

Choosing a book that you really want to read and withdrawing it from our Library can result in you winning a very special prize! If you withdraw one of the 12 specially selected books, you will be presented with a golden ticket from your Librarian.

A special prize will be presented to each golden ticket winner in our reading assemblies! Photos of winners will be presented on our blog with a short book review of the winning book!


Meet the Cragside Reading HQ Librarians!

Cragside Reading HQ is pleased to present our superstar Librarians!

Our Librarians have a huge role in Cragside Reading HQ! They withdraw and return books for their own classes; assist KS One children to choose and return books and also participate in Key Stage One and Two reading assemblies to promote Cragside Reading HQ.

Cragside Reading HQ Librarians play a crucial role in creating, developing and promoting projects across our school to encourage a love of reading for all.

When authors and poets come to visit CRHQ, our Librarians are first to interview the author. Look out for their interviews on the Librarypage on Cragside Primary School blog!

Rob Lewis Author Visit

Year 2 and Year 4 had a great time hearing from Rob Lewis, author and illustrator, who has had more than thirty books published. He told some great stories and showed the children some of the techniques he uses on his illustrations.

Children, what did you learn or enjoy most from Rob’s visit?

Roald Dahl Day

Dahlicious… As the tag line for the day suggests we had a fantastic time last Friday dressing up as characters from different Roald Dahl classics! There were all sorts of costumes and a lot of effort had clearly been put in! Well done to everyone who took part and helped raise money for Dahl’s charity that supports seriously ill children.